Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey guys!

It's been so long since out last post! How's everyone with their CTs and their BTs eh?
Anyway, just a piece of news to announce to you guys:

we've got tickets to the athletics finals for the YOG! is that awesome or what? for at least once in our lives we'll get to witness a finals event for the Olympic Games, and furthermore its the first ever youth olympic games, so it's something to look forward to if you have replied to dharlynnie's text that you're interested eh?

all the best to your CT and BT results guys!

- He Wei

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey there trackers!

it has been such a long time since the last post! anyway, lots of updates to make with regards to holiday activities, as well as camps and competition results.

[1] National Schools Results

the results for this year's national schools have yet to be announced, so here are the long awaited results:
(click on the link, click "by school" and find SAJC.)

i'm a little lazy to type it all out, so click the link to find out! hahaha. on the whole, we performed rather well this year! three final spots for the 4x100m and 4x400m boys relays, as well as shawn's individual 100m race. well done team! juniors, it's up to you to perform even better for next year's nationals! gotta train hard yea?

[2] Track Camp

a little saddening piece of news, but there won't be a track camp this year. this is because the teachers will be overseas, thus it will be impossible to hold a camp since supervision by teachers is required. chalets are fully booked as well! but fret not, planning for a line up of activities during the june holidays to make up for it is underway, stay tuned for it!

(P.S hey juniors, how about organising a december camp? hahaha.)

[3] Bare Your Sole 2010

Bare Your Sole is a barefoot charity walk, to support the children in poverty. since many of these children cannot afford footwear, they have to walk barefoot over treacherous flooring such as rubble and broken glass. thus, in this walk, everyone will be completing it barefoot in support of these children who have to suffer each day.

its on the 6th of June (Saturday) and the walk will kick off at 8am. there's lots of food and games and stuff there as well, so it'll be fun! and the price is not fixed, it's just how much you want to donate. however, they recommended $10, which should be within out limit eh? and it's at east coast park btw. and there's a free "bare your sole" t-shirt!

national sprinter Calvin Kang will be there! (not that anyone really cares hahaha.)

it's a great experience and it would be great if we could go down as a team as well for this event. anyway, those who are interested, please text me (Hewei) by the 22nd of May so that we can register for the event.

alrighty, that's about all the updates we have so far. team dinner's coming up, so keep the first week of hols (the extended lessons week) free! more updates coming to you soon :)

- He Wei

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hey guys!

it's been ages since we had an update, and throughout the entire month of march our team has been going for a whole lot of competitions. i know you guys are anxious for the results haha, so here are the results for the 3rd all-comers, SPH Relays and national junior's championships!

*Akira-Swift Athletic Championship results are not out yet!

SAA 3rd All-Comers

Men's 200m Sprint:

Adib - 26.02s

Bryan - 26.03s

Choonkit - 27.56s

Leonard - 25.39

HeWei - 25.24s

Shawn - 24.20s

Tejaswi - 25.40s

Women's 200m Sprint:

Karen - 30.07s

Dharlynnie - 31.67s

Peiying - 32.60s

SPH Relays

Men's 4x100m Relay

Team - Shawn, Leonard, Adib, Tejaswi, Bryan, Kenneth, Amar

Heats - 46.62

Finals - 46.52

Men's 4x400m Relay

Team - Shawn, HeWei, Tejaswi, Leonard, Choonkit

Heats - 3 min 54.03s

National Junior’s Athletic Championships

Men's 100m Dash:

Shawn - Heats: 11.75s

- Finals: 11.65 (Bronze Medal)

Men's 400m Sprint:

Tejaswi - 57.98s

HeWei - 55.08s

Women's 200m Sprint

Karen - 30.4s

Dharlynnie - 31.09s

Peiying - 31.78s

Good job people! Now, we're halfway through the National Schools meet. Tomorrow will be the 4X100 relay for the boys and girls, and Friday will be the 4x400m boys relay. do come down and support the team if you are free!

that's all the updates for today, do check back for the result of our season!

- He Wei

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hey guys!

it's been quite a while since the last update. close to a month has passed, and nationals are just around the corner! and i mean really around the corner, just 36 days left!

this week, a bunch of us are going to take part in the 3rd SAA All-comers, but the results of the 2nd hasn't been posted up here yet! so.. here it is! the results of our team-mates who ran for this round of all-comers.

400 metre events:

He Wei - 55.55 seconds
Tejaswi - 58.34 seconds
Choonkit (Azhri) - 65.42 seconds
Karen - 74.58 seconds

100 metre events:

Dharlynnie - 15.54 seconds
Bryan - 12.95 seconds
Adib - 13.16 seconds
Peiying - 15.78 seconds
Shaun - 12.00 seconds


Dannel - i have no idea what was the distance they didn't show it on the result list hahaha.

although we didn't do as well as expected, no fret guys, it was a good effort from everyone! we have one month thereabout left to nationals, let's train hard to make it count! we'll perform better for this week's all-comers! haha.

alright i'm out, see yall on thursday!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Alot of people seem to like font 1 :] I've re-edited it a little:


Hmm, how about a plain front? It'll look something like this:

Simplicity :D It'll be a little like those superman/batman shirts out there but kewler cause no one else has THE FLASH hehe.


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hellozxz! Alright we've made some changes according to your comments on the shirt design. Right now we just need you to choose the font that you like :D


Or this?

This one?


Another one:

And another one:

And another: (HEWEI CHOSE THIS WEIRD FONT hahhah)

And anotherrr:

Yeaa thats all right now. If ya dont like any of these just give us a buzz haha. By the way, the font would be the same on the front and back so example it'll be something like this:


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey trackers!

as you all know, MSAs are over, and that means.. it's time to get back to training again, especially with season right around the corner! hahaha. so some updates on training for the weeks to come:


the days of our trainings has been changed. We are training three days a week instead of four now. the training days are as follows:

Tuesday: Gym training, 4.30pm (warm ups start), 5pm- 7pm
Thursday: Track training, 4.30pm (warm ups start), 5pm - 7pm
Saturday: Endurance training, 8am (warm ups start), 8.30am - 10.30am

*HOWEVER, do keep your monday's free as there might be a fourth training every week in view with the upcoming nationals. (especially for those running for season)

for more details on the detailed schedule (public holiday, all-comers breaks), do check out the track notice board! a schedule has been put up by ms tan for your reference!

some of us dudes are gonna have self training tomorrow, so if you wanna build up your fitness again after the long hiatus due to MSAs, do come down to join us!


- He Wei

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